A Mexican Getaway

I just finished Diablo Nights by Carmen Amato. Set in Acapulco, it was a great break from being cooped up in my house!

Emilia Cruz is a police detective. She and her partner, Silvio, are given a rookie to train. Well, he isn’t actually even a rookie. He is a recent college grad who majored in music but is, inexplicably, named a police detective because that’s what he wants to be. In addition to trying to train him, Emilia and Silvio have a murder to solve that ends up being connected to a religious relic and their new trainee. It is pretty complicated but amazingly simple once you get to the end of the book.

Cruz is an interesting character. Like most female cops, she is partnered with a man few others want to work with. She is trying to balance work, home, and a personal life – with differing results. She is a character you care about — and for me that makes a book great. Why not give this one — or others in this series — a try?

Another good book by an old favorite

I finished The Rogue Prince by Lindsay Buroker a couple days ago. There is absolutely nothing of hers that I have read and not loved. This one started a little slower than I was expecting, but it ended up being another very good book.

Jelena is on her first run as captain of her family’s new freighter. Her engineer is her friend and former childhood playmate, Erick. Before she completes the scheduled delivery, she rescues a bunch of animals being abused for research. She also manages to rescue (or kidnap, depending on your point of view) a woman who works for the research company. Of course, these “thefts” anger the company, so they have fight on their hands. They end up finding a new hoe for the animals and the woman finally decided they aren’t all bad. They pick up another old friend along the way and end up seeing her parents, who have learned all about the trouble she got herself – and potentially their company – into. It all ends well, of course – to be continued in the next book in the series.

I like Buroker’s books a lot. I stopped reading as many when they started debuting on Amazon, with other releases coming later. I understand her need to maximize her income, but it did affect my reading. But I am glad I read this one. And now that I have, I will try to go back to reading more of her work.

I hope you will give her a try.

Another good one

Last night I finished Something Blue by Emma Jameson. It is a Scotland Yard mystery, third in the series. I read the Ice Blue back in 2017 and enjoyed it.  I really enjoyed this one, too.

As I “predicted” back when I read the first one, Lord Hetheridge and Kate Wakefield are going to get married.  He is her boss, and that leads to some problems at work, but it is nothing they can’t deal with.  Just a few weeks before the wedding, they are tasked with solving a murder. When Hetheridge’s team makes an error in the investigation, it is taken away from them.  That doesn’t stop them from solving the case — or one of them, at least — anyway.  The ending was a surprise, so I won’t spoil it for you in case you want to read the book.

These are good books, and I recommend them if you like British mysteries with a little romance thrown in along the way.

And for a change of pace…

My husband just asked me what I had been reading, and I told him it was a book about demon hunters. He laughed.  It definitely isn’t his kind of book.  And it isn’t my usual fare, either, but sometimes I just need something different.  A paranormal romance about filming a TV show about demon hunters qualifies as different in my book!

Unquiet Souls is the first book in Christine Pope’s Project Demon Hunters series.  I have read other books by Pope in at least 2 other series, and I have enjoyed all of them.  They are fairly quick, easy reads — ideal for a pandemic!

Audrey is a psychologist who is interested in psychics.  She has a quiet life, seeing a few patients and just getting by.  She is approached by an expert on demons, Michael Covenant, about being his co-host/partner in a reality show where they would go in search of demons and clear the places where they have been causing problems for humans. She rejects the idea but is finally convinced to agree when she learns how much money she would make for 6 episodes.

This book deals with the filming of the first episode and all the havoc that accompanied it.  (It isn’t as easy filming a show about demons as you might think!)  The story was good.  The romance is as complicated as it could possibly be and only gets more complicated as the book moves toward the end.

Like I said, this was an easy read and a good way to get your ind off of anything real.  You might want to give it a try.

Death in the Park

Last night I finished Death in the Park by London Lovett.  It was an odd book, I thought.  I enjoyed it, but I can’t say I thought it was great.

Sunni Taylor has left the city to be near her sisters in a small town, where she wants to open a bed and breakfast.  I will admit to being somewhat bored by all the family. That may be why it took me almost to the end of the book to keep track of the sisters and the friend.  There was a lot of “story” before we got Sunni to her first day on the job as a reporter for the weekly newspaper. Once she actually got to work, things picked up a bit, but even then it didn’t grab me.  The characters weren’t really fleshed out enough for me to really care about them.

That being said, it wasn’t a bad book.  Just not a really good one.