Well, I managed to open an account with Bloglines and import all the EVO blogs. It was amazingly easy. Now I will see about commenting and such.

I think that Bloglines will make my life during this course, at least, much easier. I have been trying to look at everyone’s blogs at least every couple days. Since so many people aren’t posting, it has taken more time to get to the blogs than I spend actually reading the blogs. With Bloglines I will be able to just quickly look and see who has new postings and look just at those blogs. It will be great!


2 thoughts on “Bloglines

  1. Ya. Welcome to the world of aggregators (as in I’m up to my armpits in aggregators).

    I’ll confess, I’ve been on an aggregator since day one. It’s made ALL the differnce to me.

  2. Like Nathan, I cannot imagine doing all this blogging without a feed reader. It speeds up and organizes the process so easily. By subscribing to key word searches, I can be notified immediately whenever someone writes the three letters ‘EFL’ on their keyboard anywhere in the world. Having access to information like that helps me stay in touch with fascinating people and learn with them as we all explore.

    I noticed that you have left many comments on the sites of others. This is really wonderful for community building. You must be relishing your new bloglines account.

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