Bloglines, comments and feeds

Well, I see that I am commenting from Bloglines in the only way that I can. (Thanks, Aaron!) I like going to the actual post to comment, really. That’s the one thing I don’t like about Bloglines: I don’t see the comments others have made. But I guess I can always go look if I am really interested.

As for getting my journalspace blog up and running through Bloglines, I cannot get it to work. According to journalspace, I have chosen to syndicate my blog at the personalized version of the address Aaron suggested. But when I try clicking on the “Subscribe with Bloglines” button on my toolbar it doesn’t work. It also doesn’t work if I go to Bloglines and manually put in the address.

I went to the almost non-existent journalspace help, only to find that it is done by volunteers when they get around to it. Someone had asked the same question in December and still had not received a reply. There was another post questioning the time and date stamp in journalspace because the poster’s blog never showed up in his feed list as being updated even though it was. If that is the case, my journal may not appear for years!

I don’t think that I would worry about teaching my students to use an aggregator in the beginning, so I guess I am not going to be overly concerned about it right now. Maybe they will get it fixed by the time I really might care.


One thought on “Bloglines, comments and feeds

  1. Be on the lookout for blogs that allow readers to subscribe to comments, which I wouldn’t recommend doing unless it is from a source that you absolutely cannot do without. Also, it is a good idea to comment on someone’s post on your own blog, especially if the comment is substantive. In this way you open up the discussion to a wider audience (potential group of interactive participants) and can more easily find the post in the future for reflection.

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