Going Public

m2h comments on an article by Lowe and Williams about helping our students move into the public arena. The article gives a rationale for blogs based on research, supported by comments from their own students. I have to spend more time with this article – at least in part because it adds to my thinking on the issue L-der Bob raised about requiring students to blog.

It’s funny how , once you hear about something, it pops up everywhere — especially if you use an aggregator!


One thought on “Going Public

  1. I think blogging could just be added as an additional course requirement, like reading or presenting, or whatever. But, blogging could also facilitate more reading, writing, thinking, and connecting ideas. It’s holistic in that sense. Sure, not every student will enjoy it or will keep it up once the course is over, but some might. And students aren’t going to like every assignment anyway.

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