I was so proud of myself today! I figured out how to use Furl. But now people are asking me about it — like I might actually know! Well, I probably don’t know, but I will try to respond to the questions I have been asked.

First of all, Lesley asked why the furl link in the sidebar went to the page I wanted you to read rather than to my furl archive. I guess it’s because that’s the way I wanted it to work. I have looked at some other blogs and see that I am not alone in doing it this way. When I posted that article, I didn’t have anything else in my furl archives. It never really occurred to me to do it any differently. But now, I don’t know. When I looked at Aaron’s blog, I noticed that he has individual sites as well as his archive listed. Maybe that is what I will do. I have to play around with this a little more. Thanks for asking, Lesley. I don’t have an answer, but at least I have the question now!

Then Claudia asked how I “managed the Powered by Furl” part. I have to admit that it was by trial and error. But it was actually pretty simple. I cheated! Well, not really, but I got a little help from Furl itself. After you have set up your furl account, you can go to the “My Tools” tab and click on “Add Furl to My Site”. That will give you some code to insert in your blogger template. I put mine just ahead of the “End of Sidebar” code. It really isn’t hard. If you click on that page in Furl, they explain it pretty well.

So maybe I know more than I think I do about Furl. Now if I could just figure out how to get audio into my blog…


2 thoughts on “Furl

  1. I got turned on the Furl last year and have just loved using it. I always make sure I save intersting pages and when I search the archive later on, I get really juicy hits! I think it has great potential for collaborative projects too.

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