A question about blog sites

A friend of mine is looking for a place to set up a blog. She is a Catholic religious (a nun to most of us), and she wants to set a blog up to talk about her ministry. She is looking for as family-friendly a site as possible. I showed her my blog, and she liked the looks of Blogger. She is worried, though, that it might be blocked in some schools. (Any site with the word “blog” in it was blocked by our server until last year, and we don’t know that the Catholic schools around here would let it through even now.) Would any of you have any suggestions for free blog sites that might fit her needs? I would really appreciate any advice you might be able to give us.


3 thoughts on “A question about blog sites

  1. Moodle might have blog space, but she’d have to buy server space somewhere–actually, if she could swing getting her own server space, she could circumvent the issue. And, as a Catholic school alumna, I KNOW how much money nuns have ; – )

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