Student Responsibility

As you are probably aware, I am doing my ESL courses as blended courses this semester. It is going better than it might but it hasn’t been real easy getting the students to this point.

One thing that I have really noticed is that this is forcing students to be more responsible. It has allowed me to see how I held their hands for way too long, I think. Now, they complete the assignments or they don’t. It isn’t like they can come to class and fake it; the forum post is there or it isn’t. Also, they have to manage their time themselves. I am not doling the work out in bite-sized chunks — although it is in bite-sized chunks on Moodle. But there are lots of different chunks out there at the same time. It is helping them learn to prioritize and juggle a number of tasks at once.

I hadn’t really thought about this aspect of blended courses, but I am real happy about it.


2 thoughts on “Student Responsibility

  1. Nancy, I can so relate. I constantly walk that tight rope between providing enough scaffolding and doing too much hand holding. I appreciated reading how the blended class (and the Moodle) are helping you achieve the correct balance point. Has me wondering how I can bring that into my own situation. Thank you.

  2. Yeah, there is no such thing as “blending in” when it comes to online participation. There is either a visable effort to communicate or silence.

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