I made my husband cry

My husband, who has been running Ubuntu on a computer we bought as a closeout in 2001, had been complaining that he needed a new computer. I finally decided that we needed to do more than talk about it, so I got him one for his birthday tomorrow. I got him an Acer Power1000 desktop. It is tiny, fast and runs Ubuntu 6.10 like a champ.

But then yesterday I saw Miguel’s post about the Linutop. I showed it to my husband, and he cried! It is smaller and certainly does everything he wants. We can’t wait to see how much it is going to sell for!

By the way, I got a new Acer 5102 laptop that is now running Linux as well. Acer is selling units with Linux on them overseas, I heard. They may be my new brand of choice. (My son has an Acer laptop, too. He isn’t careful with it, and it seems to be doing great. He runs Windows, of course.)


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