The end

Of my job, that is. I just got home from cleaning out my office. I am officially unemployed.

I have had some interviews. I withdrew myself from consideration for one when I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do. It became apparent in the first interview for another job that it wasn’t going to be a good match. Then there was the cool second interview in San Francisco which also ended in no job offer for me.

But there are still applications out there, and I keep finding more. Something will happen — soon, I hope!


4 thoughts on “The end

  1. Don’t worry Nancy, the perfect job is waiting out there somewhere.
    Best wishes
    Hannah McKeand

  2. Welcome to the world of the unemployed….actually, it’s a pretty happy place…for a temporary place. Enjoy the time, catch up on a couple of ‘undone’ things because you never had the time or energy to do them. Keep on the lookout for a job opportunity and “don’t worry, be happy.” –from a friend doing the same and still looking—

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