Are you addicted to blogging?

65%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Rachel is much more addicted to blogging than I am, I guess.

My husband walked in as I was completing the quiz and saw the banner at the top which read Mingle2 100% Free Online Dating. I had to do some explaining. So you might want to complete the quiz when your partner is away!

Try it for yourself here.


6 thoughts on “Are you addicted to blogging?

  1. Oh, and I thought I was doing WELL at only getting 80%! – I wonder which question(s) I answered differently?

    I had to crack up at the online dating comment! I too removed that piece from the bottom of the embed code that they gave us to use… advertisers will do anything!

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Ok, I took the test too. My son and husband were in the room but I previewed them first by reading your entry. My results were 65% addicted to blogging. I’d be interested to know what my son’s percentage will be!

  3. Just to update everyone on my son’s score: 73% for the addicted to blogging and 85% for how geeky he is. The name of the dragon in The Hobbit threw him…..

    The real good news here is that he did find a great job after being unemployed for 3 months. He starts on Monday at a media/web development company in Dallas.

    There’s hope for us, Nancy!!

  4. I’m 58% addicted, though I was afraid that I would score higher.

    What did I do before blogs? My house was cleaner and I was thinner . . .

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