Professional development

Miguel’s posts usually make me think, and this one on professional development was no exception. I was struck, though, by his parting comment:

In the meantime, I’m glad that I embarked on the blogging adventure 2.5 years ago. I’m much further along than if I’d limited my conversations to traditional venues and people who I hope will embrace a different way of learning.

This ties, again, to what I have been thinking. Reflecting is good. Connecting is good. But blogging is better. What I have learned, the people I have “met” and interacted with since January, 2005, truly amaze me. There is no other way that I could possible have learned as much as I have through blogging and reading blogs.

I have taken three grad classes since I started blogging. None of them made me think as much as blogging has. None exposed me to the variety of thought and opinion as blogging has. Blogging nourishes me as a professional in a way that nothing else seems to. It inspires and challenges me on a daily basis.


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