A circuitous route

I am amazed by the things I can learn online every day. But I am even more fascinated by the path to that knowledge. Take, for example, this post on Read/Write Web by Richard MacManus. I got to it from this post on Column Two, which I got to from a post on elearningpost. I got to elearning post when I added the flake to my Pageflakes page. I was looking at Pageflakes today because of all the recent hype about the Teacher Edition. Although I had seen posts about it before, today I saw it in Ewan McIntosh’s del.icio.us links, which appear in my Bloglines account along with his blog posts. I decided to check it out, to see what the difference was between the Teacher’s Edition and the “regular” edition. And so started a chain of links that brought me to an interesting post about Facebook and MySpace, which I will talk about in a minute.


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