Worse than not knowing…

I was looking at some Linux sites today and came across An alien’s view point. While some of the posts were quite interesting, what I found most interesting was a saying stuck off in the right sidebar:

Worse than not knowing

Is not wanting to know.

What more is there to say? I find myself having little patience with people who do not want to know. It doesn’t matter what it is they don’t want to know: computers, the Internet, another language, a different way of doing something/anything. It is a mindset I cannot understand.


One thought on “Worse than not knowing…

  1. I find this to be the case especially with religious issues. Rather than search for the truth about God, Jesus and his teachings, etc., a lot of people just go on living in doubt. When I have tried to discuss some things that are generally accepted as true, but that I have found to be incorrect through research, a lot of people prefer to hide behind excuses like: “my religion is a personal thing and I prefer not to discuss it”. Sounds to me like they are not sure about what they believe and are afraid of not being able to defend their position. So, they rather stay where they are, never sure about what the truth really is and refusing to allow others to show them.

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