Kwout, part 2

So, to test this tool further, I decided to get the bookmarklet and try it on the Scott McLeod’s post. Getting the bookmarklet was only difficult because I didn’t read. All you do in Firefox is drag it to your bookmarks. Then I opened the page I wanted to copy, clicked on the kwout button, and waited a few seconds while it worked. I selected a portion of the page, clicked another button and waited a few seconds. This is what I got:

Now, if you try the links in the post, they are hot. The links in his kwout demo are not. But all I would have to do it click on the link to the post below the kwout and I would have access to the hot links in the kwout, too.

Now, the question: Will I really use this or is it a fun toy to play with and blog about? It remains to be seen. But it seems like it would make my blogging easier. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, the kwout button is waiting there for me in my bookmarks toolbar.


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