Creating an audience

Reading a post on one of the blogs for the EVO session Social Media in English Language Teaching, I came across this:

I have used blogs, wikis, 43 places and things to some extent and I enjoy using them, however, I have not had much luck in creating any communities or an audience for what I have added to these platforms.

Creating an audience is a challenge for a new blogger. I remember my early days and not even being sure I wanted an audience, much less having a clue about how to develop one. With time, though, an audience developed.

It seems to me to be a question of commenting on the blogs of other people who share your interests (or not). I can’t think of any other reason that most of you are reading this — assuming you are. But maybe there is more involved. What advice would you give new bloggers?


2 thoughts on “Creating an audience

  1. Seems to me like every blogger starts with an audience of one. The degree to which that audience is satisfied holds a direct relationship to the probability of that audience’s expansion. One might even presume a causal relationship.

  2. Strange to discover people read what you write, and some of them even come back! When I discovered that I felt terrified. It is a great responsibility. But it’s so rewarding.
    I would tell new bloggers to get into conversations. Isn’t it what this is all about?

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