Divided loyalties

Well, I haven’t been here much lately, have I? We are entering Week 6 of Social Media in English Language Teaching. It has been interesting for me to participate as a co-moderator, to see it from the inside. Right now we are playing a HipBone game. I have been playing HipBone games with my students for years, and this is the first time I have seen one played online. The board we are playing on at the moment looks like this:

It is really interesting to see how this plays out online. It is a lot like the way it plays out in person except there is a lot more time between moves. And, since I volunteered to update the board after each move, I have learned more about actually doing something in Drupal.

And then, of course, there is the fact that I really like wordpress better than Blogger. Even though I am not posting there much more than I am here, I find that it just works better for me. I year or so ago, I copied everything here over into Moving Along, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to close this blog. Somebody asked me not too ling ago why I was reluctant to give up this blog, and I didn’t have a real good answer. I guess it is force of habit more than anything else.

Once the SMiELT session is over, I hope to be back here full-time again. Let’s see how good I am at actually doing that!


One thought on “Divided loyalties

  1. Barbara Dieu says:

    Has SMiELT prevented you from posting? You were by far the most active blogger of the whole group!
    Thank you for stepping in for Charles in the Hipbone Game. I just love the conversation that develops from it. How have you used it with your classes?

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