Visual Chemistry

Jenny’s other post was an example that I think Garr Reynolds and Dr. John Medina would approve of. It teaches chemistry in a very visual way. While I am sure some people will object to parts of this, the theory behind it is one that is definitely OK: We learn better with visuals. See what you think:

Chemistry was not really a favorite of mine when I was in school. No science was, really. But how much more might I have learned if I had had something like this to watch? The concept of attraction and separation of elements is made real. It is visual. It is in my brain.

One thought on “Visual Chemistry

  1. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for linking to my blog- for some reason, your posts aren’t pinging back to my site. I found out you had linked through technorati. Glad you found the things I’m writing about useful.
    Jenny Luca.

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