Jenny had a post about Debatepedia.  I had actually found the site through a search yesterday as I was looking for opinion pieces for my students to discuss.  I didn’t find what I was looking for, and I just went on with my search.  When I saw Jenny’s post this morning, though, I decided to go back and look t it as a site.

What I saw was an extensive list of debate topics, each with pro and con arguments already in place.  For the students I am working with now in an online course, This could be very good.  They are looking at claims and evidence and looking for fallacies.  This site could be useful for them.  They could go to it and look at the arguments presented.  They could be asked to extend the arguments on our discussion boards.  Unfortunately, even though the course is online, the students have limited access to the internet.  I need to think about this and see how I could do it.  But I think there is potential there..

Anyway, check out the site.  It is pretty cool.  And thanks, Jenny, for the link and the reminder.

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