Thinking ahead

Now that my things are pretty well packed for the move, I am thinking a lot about my classes this fall.  I think it is going to be exciting.  I will be teaching two classes, each with a lab.  In the two classes I have to cover the four skill areas as well as grammar and vocabulary. Within that very broad mandate, I am free to do pretty much whatever I want.

We have a great langauge lab (I have been told) with wonderful programs (Again, I don’t know yet, really how great they are.)   My classes are all taught in the lab.

I want to focus the two classes each on a different type of output: writing and speaking.  Within each class, students will work on listening and reading.  I will focus on grammar in the writing class and on vocabulary in te speaking class.  There will, of course, be overlap in both classes, but instruction will be done prmarily as outlined here.

As I have been making these plans, I sudenly realized that I have no idea if the lab has internet access or not.  I have just assumed that it does, and I hope that I am not terribly disappointed once I get there and find out. I can make it work even without internet, but it sure would be nice not to have to hassle with it.


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