The power of writing with friends

Yesterday I had a comment on my last post by my good friend and writing companion, Angie.  She reminded me of the hours we spent writing together in St. John’s Coffeehouse in Covington, Louisiana.  We did, indeed, spend many hours there, and I have wonderful memories of writing with her both in the coffee shop and elsewhere.

Angie’s comment, though, did more than remind me of the good old days when we both lived in Louisiana.  She also encouraged me in my writing and offered to help.  That is what writing friends do.  And I am very grateful to Angie for the encouragement.  As a matter of fact, I sat down this afternoon with my composition book and knocked out about six hand-written pages of something that may be a first draft of a paper I send off for publication.

I had started missing my Louisiana writing friends a couple weeks ago, so I looked at the National Writing Project website to see if there was a writing project here.  I was delighted to learn that there is a project that operated out of ENMU here in Portales but really is headquartered at ENMU-Roswell.  Bt there is a group that tries to get together to write every Thursday afternoon here in Portales, and I joined them this past Thursday.  It was wonderful!  Only three people showed up for that particular get-together (other than me), but I was amazed by how wonderful it was to spend time writing with them.  I plan to go every week if I can.

Writing with friends, either in person or long dstance, is a wonderful experience.  My writing friends are going to make this seemingly imposible task of writing on top of everything else I am doing not only possible but easy and a lot of fun.  I thank them all “ante mano” for their support.


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