The joys of living in Portales

I absolutely love living in Portales.  As a college town, it has so much to offer.  There is literally something going on every night of the week!  Monday night my husband and I went to a Flamenco performance by Miguel Bernal. For free!  It was truly amazing. Friday two photography exhibits open in town, and we are going to go. There is more to see and do than we have time and energy to take advantage of.

On top of that, we have all the advantages of a small town.   I walk to work every day.  We know our neighbors.  When our dog got out, the  university student who lives across the street found a way to get him back in the yard and then cam later to apologize for not getting the fence back exactly the way it had been before.  (Which obviously hadn’t been too good, since the dog got out!)

There are drawbacks, of course.  Like the fact that our internet still hasn’t been hooked up.  Portales has fiber optic to the home, but our home had never had the service, so we are having to wait for all the different steps to be done.  It is supposed to happen this week, but…  I guess there has to be some downside to living here!


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