A little ahead of the game

Didn’t I finish that last post by saying I wouldn’t mind being a little ahead of the game?  Well, I don’t think I meant it in this way, but I have just spent the last couple hours getting ahead of the game — and of myself, probably.

I decided it was time to update the CV on my portfolio, so I spent some time doing that.  Then I looked at the links to my wikis and WebQuests and such.  And from there, it was all down hill.  Wikidot, where I have the wiki I used for my WebQuests and such a couple years ago very innocently asked me if  wanted to start another wiki.  So I decided to set up a new wiki to use next semester and beyond with my students here at ENMU.  I took one of my Webquests from the old wiki and recycled it into the new wiki.  It was easy to do from a backup that wikidot let me make in about a minute.  So I guess I am on my way to using a lot more social media this next semester.

I have come to realize how narrow using WebCT has made the class.  Well, maybe narrow isn’t the right word.  Linear is a better description, I guess.  And I don’t think I want my class to be so linear.

But anyway, here I am on a Friday night working on a class that won’t start until late January.  That is seriously ahead of the game!


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