1984 and writing

For those of us old enough to remember, 1984 was an interesting year.  We had grown up with George Orwell’s book, and there was a part of us that had a hard time accepting that 1984 had come and, eventually, gone.  1984 was almost synonymous with “the future”, and then it was the present and finally the past.  Many people read the book again then.  I wasn’t one of them.  But when Dan at Open Culture posted about a download of the book, I was right there.

As soon as the download ended, I opened the file and began to listen.  This is a professionally done audiobook.  The reading allows the force of Orwell’s writing to shine. It is definitely worth your time.

The opening portion of the book, to which I am listening as I write this, is truly amazing. I had forgotten how powerful the story is.  Orwell’s writing is wonderful.

What he talks about is important, too. There is, of course, the message of the book.  While it might now have meant much to us in 1984, it seems very appropriate in 2008.  But beyond that — or actually as part of that — he talks about the power of words and of writing.  He also talks about writing to think.  He talks about writing improving with practice.  It seems a much more contemporary book than it is.

I would encourage you to download the book and listen to it.  It can be streamed or downloaded in its entirety or in parts here.  Check it out.


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