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My thanks to ESL instructors at Clovis Community College

I spent the day with a great bunch of teachers from Clovis Community College, just down the road (or more accurately, up the road) from Portales.  I was invited to join the ESL instructors for a professional development day.  I had a wonderful time getting to know them and learning from them.  Although their program and mine are quite different, I have taught a lot of adult ESL and really love it.  And I have always found that there is a lot to be learned from other teachers, regardless of the grade level or even the subject matter they teach.

I hope that this day will help us to forge strong bonds between our programs.  And I look forward to meeting with them again.


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One thought on “My thanks to ESL instructors at Clovis Community College

  1. I so enjoyed getting together for a workshop with the teachers of the school next door to Rainard at the end of the school year for the same reason. Even though they taught students from Pre-k to 3rd grade and we taught gifted students all the way up to senior in high school, we got together beautifully. The connection between teachers of all ages is something I treasure and miss about the field of teaching.

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