A good site for ESL teachers and for people who like to eat!

Ewan had a link to Ultraspoon, a site where you can choose a city and get information about restaurants there.

What makes this a good site for people who like to eat is obvious.  It is always nice to see what others think about a restaurant before you go there and spend good money.

What makes it good for ESL teachers is that many of the restaurants have their actual menus on the site.  For example, Picante in Berkeley has their entire menu available for download.  So you no longer have to use fake menus found in old textbooks to allow students to role play the dining experience.  I had to hunt a little for restaurants that actually had their menu there, but I found enough to make a role play like that interesting.  If you want to use the site for this, you would probably be better off selecting the big cities that are listed in bold type.  I checked Albuquerque and didn’t find menus.  I looked at the San Francisco area and found tons of them.

So whether you teach English or just like to eat, check out Ultraspoon.


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