Leading by Example

I’ve written about Parick Higgins at Chalkdust 101 before, but I wanted to share the slides from a presentation he did just last week.  They can be found here on Vimeo.  The title is “Effective School Leadership in the Digital Age”.  While there is currently no audio, the images speak for themselves.

He talks about a number of things in the slides.  Near the beginning he presents three ideas that are critical:

Creating a Network

Building out Excuses

Leading by Being

He asks about viewers’ networks rather than just telling us what is out there.  He talks about the different kinds of professional development that are needed at the beginning and once teachers have begun really using the technology. He gives examples of what it can all look like. Check the video out; it’s worth your time.


One thought on “Leading by Example

  1. Nancy,

    Thanks for the kind words. I have to tell you that it was such a great time to be able to convey some of my ideas to an audience and have them push back on them. I tried to make the session less about the tools we use to create content and connect, and more about the content and connections, both within, and outside of our buildings.

    That last point there, Leading by Being, I feel is most important to creating change within your surroundings, especially in schools. You cannot ask those you work with to change without first showing them in your own practices how it benefits you and your students.

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