First draft done

Well, I have completed my first final draft of the Strategic Vision.  It is 12 pages long.  Not that it says all that much, but…

It is out for a couple people to look at now before I make final revisions and edits and then send it on its way.

Next up:  A paper entitled “15 things to do with a piece of paper”.  At least I hope I can come up with 15 things!  If not, it may be “10 things…” or even possibly “5 things…”  Oh well… We’ll have to see how it turns out.


2 thoughts on “First draft done

  1. You are moving right along! I know its a weight off your shoulders! I feel like I wrote 15 pages for my doctoral application but it was only about 1,200 words. Paring down to fit their word limit was really hard to do. I sent the application in yesterday. We’ll wait to see what happens now

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