As I have tried to write more here, I have discovered that  sometimes have nothing to say.  Yesterday, for instance, I started a post just to post something.  It wasn’t worth the paper it wouldn’t have been written on, so I deleted it. I have wondered how bloggers can come up with so much interesting stuff to write about all the time.  And I have wondered why I sometimes hit such dry spells.

I have taken solace lately in the Orwell Diaries, which I have written about before.  For the last two days, the entries have been the same two words:

One egg.

Granted, these posts were not written for public consumption, but I find them interesting.  This great writer, who in other entries in is diaries has described different aspects of life in great detail, had nothing to write about on these two days but

One egg.

So maybe it is OK to have dry spells.


3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Hi,
    For years I had an inner voice telling me that I have a book ‘inside me’, but it is only this year that I have actually got down to write it.
    The book is a work of fiction, but it opened the floodgates, and now to satiate the urge to ‘tap the keypad’ I’ve taken to blogging.
    Long may it continue!

    You may well have hreard all this before, but look towards your inner self-write about what you know-and there is no one who knows you better than you! If you have the urge to write I suggest you look there first.

    Whatever you have done in your life, even if you think it’s uninteresting, it is a story that someone out there in internet land will want to hear, believe me.

    Good luck, and never extinguish the fire.

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