The maturing blogosphere

The Edjurist has a post about the death of the blogosphere.  The point he makes is not that blogging is dead but that it is maturing.  He says it is currently a teenager and will soon be an adult.  He says:

I think blogging is getting more professional while much of the personal realm of blogging is going to alternative outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

While I accept that blogging is becoming more mainstream, I have trouble thinking I as a personal blogger should be moving to Facebook or Twitter.  Those will never do for me what blogging does.  But obviously I will never be a professional blogger, either.  WIll there be a place for me in the mature blogosphere?


One thought on “The maturing blogosphere

  1. Its true that this blogsphere is maturing but I dont see where and why we dont fit in it. For example, take the Internet’s evolution. Its started as the ARPAnet which was only for some military stuff and now to everywhere the facility is granted.
    Keep it up. You are a good teacher and professional in it, why not in this? Blogging is almost child’s play but with exceptions.

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