Looking back at the month

Well, I didn’t write a novel this month.  But I didn’t intend to.  Instead, I wrote a 12-page “Strategic Vision” for my program.  It was only 3798 words.  But I was happier to finish it than I would have been to finish a novel, I think.  As happy, at least!

I have also finished one article that I am going to send off to try to get published this coming week. The article is actually a distillation of the two I wanted to get written this month, but I decided they didn’t need to be two separate articles.  We’ll see what the journal I send them to thinks!  I have also started another piece.

The only thing I said I wanted to do this month but haven’t really done is blog on a nearly daily basis.  I am short about a dozen posts to have the number if posts I wanted to have.  And the posts I made weren’t always one a day.  But I have posted a fair number of times this month.  So I am not too unhappy about it.

What’s up for December, you ask?  Well, little things like the end of the semester,  of course.  And I hope to complete the next article I am working on.  It will be a little more theoretical than the last couple, so it will probably take all month to get a first draft done.  But it will happen.  I also hope to post every day in December.  I tried to do that last year, and I think I was pretty successful.  There might have been one day I missed.  But anyway, that is what the goals are for this month.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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