It’s almost over!

It is the last week of classes.  There are a lot of loose ends to tie up, but overall I am pretty pleased with how the semester has gone.  My students worked hard and, I hope, learned a lot.

I had really wanted to ask students about their reactions to the different things we have done over the seemster.  I wanted to use their responses both as a starting point for planning for next semester and also as the basis of a paper about the semester.  But then I discovered how long and drawn out a process it will be to get approval to do that.  I am still hopeful that it might work, but I am not holding my breath.  So I am having to rethink these last few days.  I can have the conversation with my students, but I may not be able to do anything with it.  That would be too bad.

I am busy, of course, grading their last papers and presentations.  We are not going to have any formal exams but rather small projects.  I think it will be more fair for them.

And two weeks from now, it will all be over.  Grades will be on and I will be on vacation.  Sort of…


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