Only a few weeks ago I wrote complaining that CoFFEE, which looked like a great idea, was not available for Linux.  Then, a Linux version came out.  And now, I am happy to say, a new version of CoFFEE, including a new version for Linux, just came out a few days ago.  As I said before, I am very impressed with the developers of CoFFEE and their concern for end users of their product.

I finally got a chance to download the new Linux version tonight.  My first reaction was that this version seemed much more complete.  Maybe I didn’t look at the other Linux version long enough, but this one seems to come with lots more documentation.  That will make it easier for me to learn about it.  I am a reader-then-experimenter usually; I like to read the manual.

Backing up a bit, though…  CoFFEE is a program that allows you to work with students on networked computers.  According to the website,

CoFFEE – the new groupware application for digital discussions in a live classroom situation.

CoFFEE offers customisable tools, such as a threaded discussion forum, graphical concept mapping, voting and more.

CoFFEE is open-source and free! Available in: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

CoFFEE comes with sample lesson plans and many other materials to help you get started using it.

The sample lesson plans that come with CoFFEE give you a good idea of what is possible.  They also give you plans to modify or totally rewrite for your own classes.  There is a lesson plan editor that allows you to do that easily.  You can also use the template to design your own lesson.

I can see lots of potential for CoFFEE.  I hope that you will look at it for yourself and see what you think.  I know I plan to continue to play around with it!


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