End of the semester

This is exam week. Things should be winding down, I would think. And they are. But I am busy trying to decide want I want to do next semester.

In one class I am going to use a WebQuest I created a few years ago and have tweaked a little bit now. We are going to use a wiki in that class. In the other we are going to be using a blog, I have finally decided.

I am pretty happy with the way both these classes are shaping up — on paper, at least. We’ll have to wait to see how they turn out in reality!

I am also teaching some lab classes and a conversation class this semester. I would like the come up with some group discussion ideas for that class. There are two sections of the conversation class, and the other instructor always gets a few people to come in and talk with the students. I would like to do something different since most all the students take both classes. What I would lie to find are a bunch of problem-solving activities. You know what I mean: Your airplane is about to crash, and you have a chance to parachute to safety and you can only take 7 things with you. Of these items, what would you take and why? Does anyone know where I could find a bunch of good ideas like that?


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