Working on a new blog

When people are learning about blogging, it all seems so mysterious.  I remember that feeling well. As I look back to the beginnings of my blog, back in January 2005, I can see evidence of lots of confusion and uncertainty.  But I stuck it out and am now happily about to enter my fourth year of blogging!

What brings this to mind is that I have set up a new blog for the High Plains Writing Project.  Annemarie, the director, asked me some questions that I want to try to answer here.

She wrote:

How do we go about creating our own posts? Do we have to each have a blog or do we just respond to one another here? If we each have our own blog, how do we identify ourselves in case others want to know at a glance who is posting?

The HPWP blog will  probably be a group blog.  That means, once people are added as authors, they can post to the blog and we will respond to each other there.  Anyone can, of course, start their own blog and we can link to it from the HPWP blog, as I have linked to some blogs on the HPWP blog already.

To be added as an author on the HPWP blog, a member of the HPWP just needs to get a account and then let me know which email address you signed up with.  I can then invite you to contribute to the HPWP blog.  Once I do that, you can log on to wordpress, and the HPWP blog will show up as being your blog.  You will then be able to create a post.  Anyone can comment on posts, but you have to be added to the list of authors or contributors to be able to post.

I have changed the “theme” or template of the blog to one that shows the author of each post.  That will allow us to see who said what easily.  That is something I hadn’t thought about when I chose the theme because I haven’t done a group blog before.

I think that this is going to be a wonderful chance for all of us to explore blogging and to see if we want to try it with our students.  And, in the meantime, we can keep in touch and exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Any questions?  Ask them here!

(Crossposted to High Plains Writing Project)


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