In support of teachers

Mike Rose has had a great impact on my thinking as an educator.  When I read his latest blog post about educational reform and accountability, I was struck by these words:

Though “qualified teachers” are praised in public documents and speeches, teachers are often pegged as the problem. And classroom knowledge is trivialized. Teaching or running a school is characterized as just not that hard. And the field of education in general is bemoaned as bereft of talent. I’ve heard these phrases. The sad and astounding fact is that at the state and federal level there is little deep understanding of the intricacies of teaching and learning involved in the formation of educational policy.

As an educator, I agree with Rose.  If education is bereft of talent, it is because of the lack of support that teachers feel every day.  I know way too many teachers at the K-12 levels who have quit or are considering quitting or have considered quitting because they just feel like they can’t take any more.  They are micromanaged at every turn.  What intelligent, educated individual would choose to face that environment every day?   Fortunately for our nation, many of them do.  But how much longer can they take it?  Education has to change or it really will be as bereft of talent as some people think it is already.

I invite you to read the entire post.  It is well worth your time.


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