It’s a challenge!

Someone told me about the 999 Challenge a few weeks ago.  The idea is to read 9 books in each of nine categories in 2009.  I checked it out on Library Thing and decided it sounded like a good idea.  I am not sure I can commit to reading 81 books this year, so I am not committing to a specific number above 9, but I am hoping for at least 3 books in each category.

Here is my list of categories:

  1. first novels
  2. science fiction
  3. short stories
  4. history
  5. classics I have never read
  6. mystery
  7. science
  8. biography/autobiography/memoirs
  9. best sellers

The idea, as anyone familiar with my reading habits will tell you, is to select categories that will stretch your reading.  I have a tendency to read books about education or mysteries.  But I live work at a university with a huge science fiction collection and where the science fiction author Jack Williamson both studied and taught.  So I should read some science fiction.  And I have always had a block when it comes to science, so I am going to try to read some books on science — I am not sure yet what branch of science (It will have to be a book I can read comfortably more than anything else.).  I chose “first novels” almost by accident: My sister-in-law loaned me The Giant’s House when I was at her house at the beginning of January.  I decided to include it in my list of books read, but I wasn’t sure what category I could put it in.  Since it was McCracken’s first novel, I decided to create a category for that.

I am keeping track of my reading on a site I did not know of until a week or so ago: Reading Trails.  According to their website,

Reading Trails offers tools to organize books in a new way. We are a community of passionate, thoughtful readers who use social networking and trails to share our reading experiences and create new ones.

I haven’t done much on the site except create a trail.  My trail for the 999 challenge can be found here.


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