Creative renewal

Over at Teen Literacy Tips I found a link to a blog I wasn’t familiar with, Not So Distant Future.  In this particular post, the author is talking about the need for us to take time to do something creative, to write or take pictures or do whatever it is that we enjoy doing.  I started to post a reply but couldn’t get it to go through, so I decided to post my comments here instead.

She (I assume the author is a she.  My apologies if I am mistaken!) says:

I suggest that an artist’s date is an excellent assignment for both students and for ourselves–to carve out time for exploration and nothing else, to make it a way to treat yourself, indulge yourself in seeing the world in a different way.

When we model for students that spending time nurturing themselves isn’t frivolous or unnecessary, but that it is a key to supporting themselves intellectually and creatively, then we have done them a great favor.

I wanted to agree with the author and share my experiences.  Since undertaking my new job last August, I have met with a group of women every week for what they call “Creative Thursdays”.  We start with writing, talk a lot, drink some coffee and then try to do something else creative — more writing, drawing, knitting, or whatever we want.  As I went through a lot of ups and downs with my new job, this weekly meeting saved me.  It kept me sane.  It gave me a way to refresh and renew myself so I could face another week.

I have never thought about sharing idea of a creative renewal with my students.  I am not sure why.  But I like the idea of doing so.  I wonder what I can do, how I can build that into what I do with my students.  Obviously I will have to think about it more.  But I want to find a way to fit this concept and this practice into my classes.


One thought on “Creative renewal

  1. Thanks for your comments, and sorry you had trouble posting!

    I was thinking what a great “homework” assignment.

    To ask students to make a “date” with themselves for artistic pursuits. To ask them to commit to keeping the date. That it is a commitment to themselves, not to you or anyone else.

    What a nurturing gift it would be to give them that.

    I just started in a Thursday group, something I think I need right now and am surprised at its influence already, which is what made me think of this.

    Thanks again for the insightful comment!

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