Good news in Missouri

Inside Higher Ed had a brief article today about an agreement in Missouri that will guarantee no tuition hikes for next year at state universities and protect the universities from getting their budgets slashed.  The governor is quoted in both the Inside Higher Ed article and in the announcement from his office as saying:

To turn this economy around, we must ensure that Missouri’s workforce is trained and prepared for the jobs of the future, and Missouri students must have access to an affordable four-year degree…

In the official announcement, he went on to say

While students in many other states are likely to face double-digit tuition increases next year, Missouri students can rest assured that their tuition rates will stay the same. It will take more of these innovative, collaborative agreements to get our economy moving in the right direction.

I know that, while my university has pretty low tuition, it is already a struggle for many students in our area to pay it.  And I know that our tuition is going to go up next year.  How many students are we going to lock out of higher ed by making it even less affordable?

I sincerely congratulate Missouri, its governor and its universities on what seems to be a very big step in the right direction.


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