Book, books, and more books

Open Culture had a link to The Guardian’s  1000 Novel’s Everyone Must Read. The list is really fascinating to me.  Many of them I have read.  Many, many more of them I have never even heard of before.  But I plan to check some of them out real soon.

I have read four of the 81 books I “should” be pushing myself to read as part of the 999 challenge this year.  I am currently reading a book about cosmology.  It isn’t going as fast as the other books I read did.  But I am actually enjoying the book and the challenge of reading — or  trying  to read — so many and such a  variety of books.


One thought on “Book, books, and more books

  1. That 1000 novels list is huge (I guess that goes without saying if there’s a thousand on the list). Still they missed many, added some that shouldn’t be there, and miscategorized others.

    For example – I don’t see how they could categorize The Shining by Stephen King as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel. It was his first bestseller, and it firmly established him as one of the best Horror novelists. If they wanted to list some of his work, there are much better examples than the shining.

    Also they only list one of Edgar Rice Burroughs novels on the fantasy list, when all of them are “Must Reads” for fans of that genre.

    Since you linked to it – I guess I felt like sharing my thoughts on the list :-O


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