Advice from John Cleese

Ewan has a post including a video of John Cleese talking about creativity. It is a wonderful way to spend 10 minutes if you like John Cleese, and a pretty good way to spend the time even if you don’t know who he is.

Ewan summarizes the video in 7 points.  They are all true, I think, but it is number 6 that most struck me.  He said:

The problem with some teachers is that they may not know that they are not very creative, and therefore they may not value creativity even if they can recognise it.

This is something I really, really believe.  Until participating in a summer institute sponsored by the Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project, I did not believe I was creative.  The Writing Project changed my perception of myself.  It, therefore, changed the way I teach.

So, in addition to encouraging you to watch John Cleese, I encourage you to check out the National Writing Project and look for a site in your area.


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