Lower prices?

Don’t we all look for them? Don’t we all want them? But what do we lose in the process?  That mentality of wanting more for less, of not having to give up anything while prices go down, is one that is very much a part of US society now.

But how does that mentality affect other aspects of our lives?

Tim over at Assorted Stuff has an interesting post about Discount Schools that indicates it has affected our views on education.  Talking about budget cuts, he says:

However, the real problem next school year won’t be that teachers will have more students in their classrooms or that they will have less support.

The biggest problem will be that our administrators, parents, and community will expect nothing to change.

Teachers will still be expected to give the same numbers of assignments and tests, and then grade them all in the same time frame as before, while giving each student the same amount of individual attention as before.

It’s true, isn’t it?  Even in schools we want more and more while “paying” less and less.

His final comment is one that scares me:

Somewhere along the line, if we keep rolling back prices, we’ll find ourselves living in the aisles of Walmart.

Let’s hope our national desire to get more for less ends before that happens!


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