Free and Voluntary Reading

The first post I read today was on Doug Noon’s Borderland about his use of free and voluntary reading.  It really made me think.I have used free and voluntary reading in my classes before.  I did it in China.  I did it in Louisiana.  I was always very pleased with the way students really took to reading.  So why am I not doing it now?

There is no good reason that I can come up with.  I have just not structured my classes this way.  I have not done it for any reason other than that I felt there was so much for students to learn that there was no time to lose.  And that, this year, translated into no free reading.  In part it may be because last year I was in adult ed, teaching beginners in a highly structured program.  I got out of the habit.  But I think it is something I need to try again.  I have to see where it goes in the program.  With only 150 minutes a week, I never seem to get everything done that I want to.  That right there tells you I need to do some serious thinking about my classes, doesn’t it?

I am in the process of writing the curriculum for the program, and I hope that will help me find a way to better spread out the many things I think need to be done over the whole program rather than trying to cram them all into my classes.

Thanks, Doug, for the reminder!  This is definitely something I need to work on!


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