In case you don’t know…

I was alking with a teacher the other day, and she told me that a colleague had made an audio recording of a novel her class was reading to give to the students.  I was amazed.  I asked her if she had ever heard of LibriVox, and she hadn’t.  So maybe someone reading this blog hasn’t heard of it either.

The LibriVox website says:

Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books.

According to the website, they have 2009 recordings right now.  More are added all the time.  Some are in languages other than English.  They also link to the text of the books on the Project Gutenberg site so you can read along if you want.

So before you hurriedly record a book, check out LibriVox to see if someone has done the work for you!  And if you decide you want to record a book that is in the public domain, you might consider posting it on LibriVox for others to enjoy as well.


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