Who do you read?

Scott had an interesting post, The dopamine:yawn ratio that I read this morning before I went to work.  He talks about how many education blogs are kind of boring while others make you want to rush right out and bookmark them.

My first reaction, as I was reading, was that I am not so much looking for blogs that make me want to save their posts — although I save too many and seldom get back to re-read them.  (Have to learn that selective saving thing Stephen talked about in the video!)  What I am looking for in blogs are posts that make me think, that inspire me to extend the conversation to my own blog.

Over the years, I have severely limited the number of “name” bloggers I read.  They have a tendency to talk at a level that I don’t feel I can talk on.  I don’t like just reading without extending the conversation somehow.  Now, I am not  trying to say there is anything wrong with any of these big names or their blogs.  The problem, undoubtedly, lies with me.  That’s assuming there is a problem.  It took me a long time to learn to speak out and participate in discussions of any kind; I don’t want to give that up.

Scott goes on to say:

We all have different interests so the list of edubloggers whose dopamine:yawn ratio is high will be different for each of us.

and that made me feel better.  Maybe my eclectic reading is OK.

Of Scott’s list, I only read Will Richardson and Tim Stahmer.  I have read several of the others in the past, but they didn’t make one of the occasional cuts I make to my Bloglines account.  No real reason why.  They just don’t speak to me in the way that some others do.  Others like Patrick Higgins, Doug Noon, Teacher Dude, David Silver, and Martha Rankin.

Suddenly, having looked through Bloglines and picked out a few of the blogs I read, I see the pattern.  I am practice-focused.  I love to know the theory behind things, but I want there to be some practical application of the theory.

That’s probably why I also subscribe to EDUCASE’s Library Items and Open Culture.  And don’t forget Teach Paperless!

There are currently 183 feeds in my Bloglines account.  Too many, really.  So I will probably cut a few more here soon.  Like Scott, I will have to decide which ones really speak to me and which ones don’t.  That in itself is an interesting task, an opportunity to reflect on my reading, on my professional development. But for every blog that I eliminate, I will probably add two before the week is out.  That’s usually what happens to me!  So I never pare the list down too far.

So who do you read?    What can you learn about yourself by looking at the list?


2 thoughts on “Who do you read?

  1. Thank you for mentioning me. I am still not sure what my blog is all about. It started off as an edublog, but it has become something else as it, and I, changed over the years.

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