Open access

A notice on Inside Higher Ed led me to an MIT press release announcing that the faculty had voted to give MIT

nonexclusive permission to disseminate their journal articles for open access

The MIT press release quotes professor and Faculty Chair, Bish Sinyal:

The vote is a signal to the world that we speak in a unified voice; that what we value is the free flow of ideas

Praise for the move continues:

“Through this action, MIT faculty have shown great leadership in the promotion of free and open scholarly communication,” said MIT Director of Libraries Ann Wolpert…  “In the quest for higher profits, publishers have lost sight of the values of the academy. This will allow authors to advance research and education by making their research available to the world.”

Not that I do any researc that would lead me to  anything done at MIT, but this is an important move.  All too often I am looking for articles and find that our library doesn’t have them.  I would love to see this idea spread throughout education!


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