Kids and netbooks

Last year we gave our grandchildren OLPCs.  They loved them. They still use them even though the novelty has won off.  So I am a firm believer in netbooks for kids.

I was happy to see Miguel’s post about the Littleton, Colorado schools having given 5th graders eeePcs to use in class.  He included some responses from the kids about their reactions.  And he linked to the original post where the students wrote their many comments.  Without fail (at least as far as I could see — I admit to not reading all 161 comments!) the kids loved them, loved using them, loved the way netbooks changed their classrooms.  More importantly, they almost all talked about loving writing since they could do it on the laptop.  They also loved sharing their thoughts with their classmates on their blog.

These seem to me to be the kinds of responses we want to see coming from kids when they are asked about school.  When you look at the money spent on education in this country, the price of a netbook for each student doesn’t seem like all that much money.

Will netbooks solve all the problems in education?  No, of course not.  But if they solve a few or just make students more eager to enter the classroom each day, it seems like a good deal to me!


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