A treat

Yesterday I had the privilege of listening to a number of science fiction authors and publishers at the 33rd Jack Williamson Lectureship here in Portales.  In case you don’t know, Jack Williamson, who was a science fiction writer, taught at ENMU for many years.  I did not, of course, have a chance to meet him, but talking to the many people here who knew him well, makes me realize just how much I missed!

The Guest of Honor this year was Nalo Hopkinson, an extremely interesting person.  She spoke at a luncheon and as part of a panel in the afternoon.  The other panelists were Ed Bryant, Gardner Dozois, Steven Gould, Stephen Haffner, Emily Mah, Laura Mixon, Ian Tregilis, and Eleanor Wood as well as Connie Willis and Christopher Stasheff.

One of the organizers of the event asked me if I was interested in science fiction or just in writing.  I have to admit to not reading much science fiction until coming to Portales, but I have always watched and loved science fiction movies and TV.  My favorite movie of all time is The Day the Earth Stood Still (The original version, of course!).  And, of course, I am very interested in writing.  Not that I will ever become an author like any of the people I listened to yesterday.  But I love listening to people talk about writing.

It was a wonderful day, ending with a dinner at the home of our friends, Gene Bundy and Geni Flores, with the authors  and others.  I can’t wait until next year!


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