I received a comment today informing me that someone has posted my content to their Blogger blog without any attribution at all.  I am glad to know this has happened.  I wonder if it has happened before and how common this practice is.

My post Genre was copied on Blogger here.  In looking at the  blog, they are all stolen posts, I think.  There is no consistency of place or topic.

There is a way to report this to Google — but they try to scare you out of it by talking about how you are liable for attorney fees and such. I am reporting it tomorrow, though if there is no response to a comment I left informing “Blogga” that my material is covered by a Creative Commons license.   I am sure that there will be no response to my comment, but I feel obligated to try that first.  It is another thing I can report to Blogger/Google when I report the theft.

UPDATE: 4/23 The post is still there, of course, so I have reported this to Google.  I am not optimistic that they will do anything, judging from the experience of others, but it is worth a try.


One thought on “Stealing

  1. i tried pointing out the post of mine that was stolen, and also i posted comments on another nine that were also stolen – the plagiarist didn’t reply, and just deleted my comments. After my formal complaint (something Google previously made v difficult) Google HAVE now been to look at my site, which they hadn’t bothered to do with previous complaints, so am hopeful that this time something will be done.

    Plagiarism is of course common on the net – like cheating is now apparently common in exams – doesn’t mean we should give in to it. Good on you for doing the report. 🙂

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