Have I turned a corner?

For years and years I was amazed that my kids never picked up the instruction manual for any piece of technology; they would just play with it until they figured it out. I could never imagine doing that. But today as I was working with Blackboard and Wimba, I realized that I don’t read the book anymore, either. I am not sure when this happened, bt it has definitely happened.

I looked at many of the others in the course with me — all people about my age or younger. They are where I was a few years ago. I understand now why my kids used to get frustrated with me sometimes!

Anyway, this was something that struck me today. I need to pay attention and see how true it is.


2 thoughts on “Have I turned a corner?

    1. It is just interesting to me that I have moved from reading first to exploring first when it comes to technology. I don’t know that it helps me or improves my learning. It is just something that is different from what it used to be.

      I think it means that experience has made technology more intuitive for me. Probably doesn’t mean much more than that.

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