Writing is really important to me.  I recently discovered that the fact that I wasn’t writing regularly, and that I wasn’t really writing at all outside of this blog, was part of what was wrong with my life all spring.  I don’t know why I am so slow…

Anyway, I came across a site Go Write Now! that, if it continues, will be one that I want to visit regularly.  There are some writing prompts and some more general posts about writing.  Check it out!


55 thoughts on “Writing

    1. It is nice to know there are people out there similar to me! Personally I have a passion for writing, thus, I have made a blog teaching others to learn, and have fun writing!

      If this is something that intrests you, I would suggest for you to check it out!

      What I do on my Blog: I share tips, stories, essays, and more…

      This is a new blog, that I have created very resently… Therefore, not many people know of it! Nevertheless, my tips are guaranteed to be helpful, and any imput that you want to share would be fantastic!
      So don’t wait another minute, learn today, not tomorrow~

  1. Nancy,

    For what it’s worth, I have found that writing about memorable life experiences helps me to evaluate them at a far deeper level than I normally would. As a result, the writing is oftentimes therapeutic and it gives me perspective.

    Just thought I’d mention it.


  2. Yes, I’m new to blogging and have found that it is extremely enjoyable, but I can’t neglect the writing projects that I have!

  3. Just ran across your blog after searching for “writing.” A suggestion for everyone with the problem of not writing consistently or getting distracted. Try writing in the mornings when you wake up before you do anything else. If you do that you’ll be writing before you inner editor turns on and the writing ought to flow a lot easier since you won’t be constantly editing yourself as you go.

    Another thing I find helpful is to always keep a notebook with me. Just yesterday I was writing outside and saw a maintenance man repainting the outside of an apartment. So I did a quick character sketch and embellished it with my own imagination.

    Writing is almost like a state of mind. The muscle for writing is not the writing itself but getting into the correct state of mind to where the writing just flows out of you. That’s why consistent writing is most helpful as it practices this skill.

    Hope that helps anyone…

    C9 — celestes9artiste.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks for the tips. I agree with everything you said! For a number of years I have had the habit of writing in the morning. I am a morning person, so that is about the only time I write. When I wrote this post last spring, I was writing in the mornings a lot — but usually on the blog rather than anything else. About the time I wrote the post I started writing in my notebook again every morning, and the writing has been great! Thanks for your comment.

    2. Yeh I find a using a notebook helps loads as well – I try to be as vigilante as I can to write down anything that strikes me.

      Also I find the internet the biggest distraction but I’ve started to use it to my advantage. Watching interviews with writers I like gives me that bit of inspiration I need to persevere ( I would definately recommend it if you’re stuck).


  4. To write is my passion. The best thoughts flow from the heart to the paper when I am in solitude. Its brings out the best in me and I find myself drowning into the shoes of the characters of my stories. Its an imense pleasure


  5. I can relate, I do more blogging than writing and the writing suffers.
    When I am writing its like my entire mind is on fire, every part is a live and electrified.

    But blogging seem so focused and actually like I have shut off all my mind except for the smallest of portions. So focused that there is no need for my mind to flow and stream with image and vision.

    More like I am reading the story instead of writing it.

  6. thanks for the tip. I also need to go write now! I have recently started a blog and I find it consumes me if I let it. I need to sit down and work on some short stories and my novel…which is gathering dust on my desk. Thanks again.

  7. Writing is the best, most easiest thing to do on this Earth, whether it be stories, poems, lyrics or just a scribble made of random and funny-sounding words to entertain a child. The only thing pissing me off is some so-called “professionals” and their need to make something simple into something needlessly complex.

  8. I find it hard too. Sometimes it’s difficult to write anything but what I’m doing for the blog, and sometimes it’s difficult to write anything at all! I’ve struggled with this a lot. I mentioned it in one of my blog posts, as I felt really guilty for not writing frequently.
    I’ve come to realize though, that every writer faces this, and as long as you make an effort to write as often as you can, it’s okay to sometimes not write. Sometimes you need a break. Would you agree?

  9. I find writing to be very liberating and therapeutic. But I have found in the last couple of years my writing had come to a screeching halt. Writing projects and blogs have suffered considerably and its not for the lack of anything to write about either. I found it was the environment I was in and the people I associated with – there was no common ground and nothing inspired. My situation has since changed and I’ve started to write again and that makes me very happy :o)

  10. I love blogging but there’s something magical about putting pen to paper! It can feel more creative, and sort of quieter… it helps me distil my thoughts or experiences into something with form. I love writing in brightly coloured notebooks in cafes or on the beach, and I love loose bits of paper filled with scrawl, stacked up under my glass paperweight. My writing projects done on paper are the most challenging and the most important to me.

  11. Sounds like a great site – I’m off there now!!! Thanks for the tip. Glad to hear someone else likes writing as much as I do – I find inspiration in books others have written – I especially am into Alexander McCall Smith at the moment who has inspired me to write a novel about the town I live in, here is the link http://isabellafrasersinclair.wordpress.com/2010/07/01/chapter-one-–-home-on-the-range/
    I would value any feedback as I am still new to getting my writing out there – it’s quite daunting and makes you feel a little vulnerable knowing that part of you is out there!!! Does anyone else feel the same??

    Isabella 🙂

  12. That seems like a really cool site. I love writing too, but I’m just trying to get started in the blog world. I actually want to become a journalist, but I think this is a good way to practice my writing. I’ll defiantly check out that website though!

    1. Hi Senorita Sammi,
      What will you be blogging about? I’m new to the blog world too. I’m working on becoming a journalist as well. Maybe we could connect and help each other out? Guest posting on each other’s blogs is a great way to get more readers. We could share any tips, etc. Let me know =)

  13. There’s nothing more fulfilling than when a sudden burst of inspiration leads to an article or short story or the beginning of a novel or what have you, and I’m a lover of those little moments that hit you with that burst – almost as if they were waiting for you to spot them, even though they usually seem to sneak up on you.

    In my opinion, if you should ever suffer from writer’s block or you’re simply lacking any ideas that urges you to put pen to paper, look around you and see what you see. Then open your eyes wide and really look – notice all the details of the scene you’re observing, even if it’s just a wallpaper on a wall – and then describe it with as many or as few words as possible. You never know, that wallpaper may hide a history you weren’t even aware of and when you begin to write… Well, you get it. 🙂

    Also, I just have to ask, HOW did you do that, Nancy, with hiding the link and making it into a click-able title? I’m dying to learn how to do that, please, teach me! 🙂

    Thanks for the tip – will check the site out for further study.

    All my best!

  14. Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for new, fresh ideas, and I will certainly check out this site. Thanks!

  15. A friend of mine talks often about writing a novel as something she would really love to do. I keep telling her that the moment you can’t do anything else–the moment you are inescapably driven to write one–is when you’ll know you really want to. We write because we love to…and because we have no other choice. Thanks for this terrific blog!

  16. Great link, I think you’ve found an interesting one. I just skimmed a little bit and the first prompt I saw was something that is actually really helpful: just for a writing exercise, take a random picture and write about the people in it.

    I think that’s a great exercise. In Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, they have a monthly contest that runs along those lines. I’ve never entered, but I really should.

    Limiting the word count on that sort of thing is also great for improving your writing.

    Anyhow, I do think I like this blog. 🙂

  17. You know, I just started a blog that is all about writing. It’s basically a blog where we write short stories and post them up on the web for everybody’s entertainment. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I’ll make a short story out of one of these prompts.


    P.S. You should all check out my writing blog. http://writeos.wordpress.com

  18. Writing can be difficult, and you got some good ideas for how to get into it more.

    Another one that I share with tongue firmly in cheek: Quit your job and depend on income from your writing. Then you learn to write a lot more and Lord willing, a lot better. I know this post was put up a year or more ago, and I hope you’ve gotten out of your unwriting ways!

  19. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the link. My whole life I’ve considered myself a writer… until recent years. Recently, I noticed that I don’t write anymore… not ANYTHING. And I can’t even say that it’s writer’s block… I’ve had that. I just woke up one day and noticed that I haven’t written anything in a very long time.

    I started a blog to bring back the writer in me. And in so doing, I have found this blog.

    Enjoy your experiences writing. I like finding fellow writers who feel that when writing is missing, a piece of them is missing.

  20. I’ll certainly look at that – I’m always keen to see a good writing site.

    I understand what you mean. Writing takes time and effort and my life is so full that it’s a real effort to make time for writing, but it can actually make life easier if I make the time because writing for me is my leisure activity, it’s taking some time for myself.

  21. It’s so easy to let writing slip through your fingers. I think if you commit yourself to some concrete goals, it’s a lot easier to keep track of whether or not you’re writing as much as you’d like to.

    Good luck!

  22. Sounds awesome! Have you ever tried doing “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron? I have been blogging my way through the book and it has been helpful so far. Part of it is doing ‘morning pages,’ which have helped me to do more writing.

  23. hello!since u were intersted in writing i was wondering if u could check out my wordpress…i do writing!mostly some prose. olivegrovefacingthesea.wordpress.com

  24. I saw some of the comments talking about writing as therapy.. and I’ve definitely done that… To deal with [a second] rejection I wrote lots of [mostly awful] poetry, but at the end of it all, I really felt a release… and Language, I honestly think, picks up where nature left off. What i mean by that, in this context, is that one can create their own closure through [even if awful] poetry and writing… and that’s just one way to convert something negative to something positive, especially if the poem or piece is actually pretty good.. I just did it for the therapy which, to me, was invaluable. Such techniques are discussed in Discover The Gift’s blog site… I love that doc and its book [they accompany each other]. Their website has lots of free exercises, this one being one of my favorites and the mos relevant… Enjoy and keep on truckin’! http://bit.ly/orc6le

  25. The phenomenon of feeling the need to write but finding it hard to do so, or to start, is incredibly common. Personally I think it’s because it’s very hard work to write well, as it is to do anything well. It takes a lot of practice and knock-backs among other things. I think a lot of people have a basic need to write, and very often feel something is wrong if they aren’t doing it. I know I do.

    1. I agree that many people feel a need to write. And it is very hard to do well. In my case, I think part of the problem is allowing other things to get in the way of my writing. But am trying to keep that interference to a minimum. We’ll see how successful I am!

  26. I enjoy writing. I have no problem starting writing projects but I do often have difficulty in completing them.

    I publish short articles on the Internet regularly, but the book I’m writing is really bogging me down right now. I am determined to continue with it though, because I feel it is a very important book to write and have published.

    Thanks for the link.

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  28. Thanks for this little blog! I just started writing again too – not blogging, but sitting down and writing like in my good ole college days – and I realized I had really lost myself by not writing. So happy to pick it up again!

  29. Thanks for the tip! I am new to writing and trying to keep myself motivated, which I find tough after life gets in the way every day. I am working on a story and really truly want to finish it and hopefully get it published. Thanks for sharing!

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